The Switch ebook

29,000 words 11+ age group

Kindle Version available at priced £2.01, CLICK HERE

 Also at priced $2.99, CLICK HERE

Whirl of the Wheel ebook

Free for a limited time only

25,000 words, 9+ age group

Kindle Version Available Free at and

Also Available Free for Nook at Barnes & Noble, at Kobo,  on Sony e-readers,
Apple iBooks, Diesel, and all good ebook outlets.

Just run a search for Whirl of the Wheel on your e-reader.


4 thoughts on “BOOK DOWNLOADS

  1. Greetings from Australia.
    Whirl of the Wheel looks a very interesting story Catherine. Thank you for the chance to download it.

  2. i have just finished reading Whirl of the Wheel and at the end of the book it states the sequel will be released in 2011 but i cant find it anywhere. Did you decide not to continue with it after all?

    • Hello Lorna
      Thank you very much for your message. I have to say that I have started the sequel but have unfortunately not found the time to continue it yet. I will of course let you know when it becomes available. Thank you for reminding me that I may need to change the statement at the end of the e-book.
      With best wishes, Catherine

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