4.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars – Very good read
Clayton B. Johnson, 6 September 2011

I loved this story. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that it was shorter than I would have liked and the ending was too ambiguous for me. I loved the characters, especially the portrayal of a person in a wheelchair being done correctly for once in writing. I wish there were a story continuing this in the future to explain the ambiguity of the story at he end. That’s really my only problem with it other than the length, which I already mentioned. I recommend that anyone who likes history and time travel should read this one.

17 June 2011
Mrs. R. Subhashree Sivasubramanian M. Phil, M.A [Hindi], M.A [History], M. Ed, DISM, PGDCA, Senior Principal and Educational Advisor, Bharathi Kids Kshetralaya,Tiruppur

The Whirl of the Wheel ensues with a magical journey to the past. It is believed that one who tries to look at the world through the eyes of a child can perceive it in its true sense. The determination to succeed is seen through the words of Connie – “It’s not a defeat just yet. We’re not going to let Mollet win this, are we?”, is an eye opener for many who crib at every step they take. The words of the teacher “Be calm and considered in your writing. Your parents will expect it” – might inspire every child and adult who read this. The adults need to be inspired to take more interest in the work done by their children. It is told as a concept in sociology that “Children are economically worthless, but emotionally priceless”. None feel the importance of spending ‘Quality time’ with their children. Unfortunately many parents feel if the children are provided with the latest amenities, they take proper care of them. I feel these words might set them thinking.

The tactic handled of narrating events of the past using letters is fantastic. I also felt the chapter titles were fabulous. It is generally believed that ‘The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom’- Malcolm’s thoughts while running through the interiors of the church are reflected well when he thinks someone is waiting there for him to punish him for the past evil deeds done. The reflective words of his – ‘maybe God’ sets one thinking.

On the whole, I enjoyed journeying along with these kids and revisited my childhood days. Thank you for the experience.

Imaginative and Thoughtful, November 11, 2010
By Barbara “Barbara B.” (Carter, Oklahoma) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Whirl of the Wheel (Kindle Edition)

This time travel tale takes three youngsters back to World War II Britain in a fast moving adventure through time via the motion of a potter’s wheel. About to lose their beloved home, Connie and her brother Charlie-Mouse, inadvertently accompanied by their least favorite person, Malcolm, face danger trying to prevent the historic dwelling from being destroyed and find themselves in search of a military secret that could prevent the disaster. Particularly well done are the letters to a mother in war-time London from a daughter separated from her parents, and the strong character of viewpoint Connie, who gets around most of the time in a wheelchair, (treated without sentiment) making a most admirable young heroine. Likable characters, strong sense of place, a well plotted novel that makes a fun and thoughtful read.

Smashwords review:
Review by: suzannah burke on Oct. 06, 2010 : star star star star star
“The musty smell of wood and chalk dust hit Connie’s nostrils. She fell forward onto a sloped wooden desk, knocking hard into her funny bone.

‘What on earth . . ?’ exclaimed Charlie-Mouse, his voice echoing around the empty room. He slid off the back wall and into a seat behind her, scraping hard at her combats. But she didn’t move a muscle. She couldn’t – even though her elbow ached madly and she wanted to shake away the pain ricocheting through her body. Neither could she make a sound  her mouth was sealed tight and her tongue glued to the back of her teeth. She moved only her eyes. Hanging portraits of kings, queens and prime ministers glowered back. The background scream of the overhead gas lighting, the whipping of the wind and the shrieks from outside added their challenges to her senses.

Stay calm, breathe, and relax. Everything’s fine.

Someone came into the room. Startled, she nodded and smiled politely, clicking her heels in perfect time across the polished floor. The outside noise built to crescendo as the lady opened the door and blew sharply on her whistle. At once the shrieks fell and the playing children – with small boxes dutifully strung across their bodies – hurried into line. ‘Be quick about it,’ the lady instructed.

The room filled – they moved along the lines of desks – shoes plain and practical, laced and buttoned, and polished in black or brown. Two to a bench seat – their backs a combination of coloured cardigans, pinafores, pullovers, shirts and tanktops.”

***An excerpt from this lovely book, children and the young at heart will all enjoy the tale. A mini history lesson easy to digest and the adventures a three delightful characters suddenly caught in a time and place unfamiliar and frightening.

Author Catherine Condie is to be applauded, she has researched her book well, and anyone reading can be safe in the knowledge that her portrayal of War ravaged 1940’s England and the evacuation of it’s young people is accurate.

The three central characters are a delightful cross patch with the volatile Connie, her brother Charlie-Mouse
and the much misunderstood nasty character of Malcolm all coming to grips in a world they have no way of being prepared for.

Magic, time travel and adventure all entwined in a clever fast-paced and most enjoyable book. A five star book to be sure.

Freewheeling Adventure into World War Two Tops Children’s Charts

Press Release date: 15 August 2010

Children’s war adventure novel, Whirl of the Wheel, is the third most downloaded children’s book on major e-publishing site and in the top 150 most popular out of 20,000 books on the site.

The free multi-format e-book on features wheelchair user and main character Connie, and follows three children who whirl back in time through an enchanted potter’s wheel into the reality of evacuation in 1940s Britain.

Feisty Connie, her brother Charlie-Mouse, and school pest Malcolm are drawn into dangers on the homefront and towards a military secret that will save a historic home from demolition. The children hit trouble when Malcolm fails to return to the present day. Following clues to reveal the secret, and in her quest to find her once arch-enemy, Connie draws the mystery to an exciting close.

Whirl of the Wheel is available for download now at


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